To strive  for wellbeing of  Rwandan families, focusing to fight against violence, especially that affects teen girls and to help them to develop themselves so that they should contribute on development of the country.


  • Come closer to teenage girls at schools making dialogue with them in order to help them of avoiding unwanted pregnancies.
  • Making training of teenage girls on reproductive health to both those who are in schools or to those who are not in schools.
  • Making advocacy legally on behalf of teenage girls’ victim of violence in order to be helped at justice.
  • To train parents about child education and child rights.
  • Making training of parents of accepting and helping their children when they are victims of violence.
  • Empowering families about family planning so that they should be able to take care of their children.
  • Making training with parents and teach them how to prepare complete meal and hygiene in order to avoid malnutrition which create severe sickness from lack of hygiene among children.
  • Helping teenage girls’ victim of violence to be grouped into teams of saving and credits as well to teach them avocational works which can develop them in order to fight against poverty.